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Summer Read-A-Thon Day #15: THE LIES THEY TELL

I’m officially adding Gillian French to my favorite authors list. I was a huge fan of her first novel, GRIT, and THE LIES THEY TELL was just as good. I love her writing style, and the way she lets stories unfold. This one had me guessing until the very end, and I loved every heart-pounding moment.

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I just...I don’t know y’all. I wanted to like this one a lot, and it started out fantastic. But it just sort of...fell flat. I wasn’t super invested in the characters, and wasn’t a fan of how romance-heavy it was. It felt at times that this was really two different stories—the romance and then the murder—that we’re competing against each other rather than working cohesively. Also I really wanted more from the ending; this one was really just kind of a miss for me.

Summer Read-A-Thon Day #6: WARCROSS

This was such a fun, wild ride. Marie Lu is an expert at building interesting, multi-layered stories that keep you on your toes, and WARCROSS is no different. I was triple-guessing everything in the story at every turn, and I'm SUPER excited for the next one in the series.