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I liked this one a lot. It was strange and mind-bending and thoroughly engaging. I love stories told backwards, and GENUINE FRAUD really made the most of the timeline. I was racing to the end, and it definitely didn’t disappoint.
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I've been addicted to a true crime podcast lately, so this murder-mystery was right up my alley. I've loved reading Maureen Johnson's novels ever since I picked up SUITE SCARLETT, and I really enjoyed the Shades of London series. I honestly can't wait until the next novel in the series comes out, because TRULY DEVIOUS was such a thrilling ride; I loved the dual stories and how well they worked together. The mystery hooked me from the very beginning, and Stevie was fantastic as well.


SHARP OBJECTS by Gillian Flynn I describe this book? Horrifying? Pretty good? Wild? Yes, definitely all of those. I really have no idea what happened during the last 1/4 of this book, but in a good way? This book was so hard to review, if you couldn't tell! If you like really strange novels with extremely unreliable narrators, this one is definitely for you! TW for self-harm
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I absolutely loved this one and am bummed that I waited so long to read it! Everything about this book was so great—the family dynamics, the friendships, the romance, the heartache, and the challenges Alice faces. A really excellent, well developed read! This would be my favorite of Jennifer E. Smith’s if not for THE COMEBACK SEASON, as that will always be my favorite of hers because, of course, it’s about baseball. :) 
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THIS is why I fell in love with Ally Carter’s books so many years ago. She is able to spin the most incredible, heart-racing novels and have you on the edge of your seat the whole time. I honestly loved the characters so much; my favorite thing was how smart and funny Maddie (and the whole novel) was. Also I was SCREAMING at the Blackthorne Institute reference. A perfect book for long time Ally Carter fans and new ones alike. 

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Damn. What a novel. Searingly honest and timely, THE NOWHERE GIRLS is a fantastic read. I loved all of the characters and how much they all grew. I want to shove this at my 14 year old brother and say, “Look! It’s not just me saying these problems exist in society!” Perfect for fans of THE FEMALE OF THE SPECIES by Mindy McGinnis! TWs for rape, homophobia, and racism.

The Top 50 Books of 2017!

Hey y'all!

It's that time again: when I post my favorite books that I've read over the past year. I read 83 of 'em, so here are the very best of the best!